I needed to explore the notion of confinement and restriction, assemblage seemed the way to go. - for all the pictures

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Starting some new work for next exhibitions...…

'The Solace of Objects' is now up and running until 29th March
Full details

Some pictures of the first PV - thanks to all who came and made it a fantastic night.

'Forgotten'   Ready to show at Gallery286

'Straightjacket.'   What's holding you back?

Delighted to announce my latest exhibition in London. Joining with painter Graham Ward, we'll be at Gallery 286 during May.

Working on a small series of martyrs.

Heart Martyr                                                                                             Fire Martyr

Reliquary #5 finished and ready for my next exhibition.  Details to be announced shortly.

Work in progress, layered room, Forgotten figure and crucifix.
Heart Remedy - just completed  - sold

Couple of pictures from the Flux Exhibition, Chelsea.

JANE DOE is finished and had her photo taken by photographer Tessa Hallmann.

Just 2 weeks to the Flux Exhibition, works almost finished .....
anticipation grows!
Little  box just finished which is also going to the Flux Exhibition. SOLD
Another in the reliquary series, this is #4.

New abandoned room just finished.


So busy now making components and putting things together.....

Looking forward to this with excitement and a little nervous anticipation!

I've started making some new work for Flux Exhibition taking place in London in March 2019
So here's some work in progress...…

Circus#2 Walk Tall.
On show at the 58th
Essex Open
Beecroft Art Gallery, Southend-on-sea

antique case, antique doll head, wood, paper, linen, lace, antique clock parts.

So happy to have won the Award for Best 3D in the 58th Essex Open Exhibition. Great to have the recognition and had some lovely comments from lovely people.  A great night at the PV.
Open until Feb 19.

Just heard today that I've been accepted for 2 exhibitions...
58th Essex Open Exhibition, Beecroft Gallery, Southend-on-sea … and...
FLUX Exhibition London in March next year.  I'd better get going!

Essex Open starts 29th November
Now finished and listed on Etsy.   'Abandoned#6'   Now SOLD

Work in progress….. black and grey tones of paint and paper... little old doll

Reliquary #3: The Eye.   Finished and uploaded to Etsy.  SOLD

New Reliquary box almost done...

'Distilled for the Eradication of Seemingly Endless Heartbreak'
finished and photographed by ace photographer Tessa Hallmann.  SOLD

Just finished Reliquary#2 and it will shortly be listed in my Etsy shop, if you want to catch it before it goes up just drop me an email   SOLD 

Made from leather, paper, gold metallic trim, glass eye surrounded by pearls. She sits in front of an antique etching.


Another small box just finished, its a small picture version of a much larger antique box I made a while back. Now SOLD