3D Mixed Media box sculpture shop:" for all the pictures INSTAGRAM: jenniesharmancox

 LOOK OUT - constructed canvas available from my Etsy shop 

'You Want it Darker' showing in Five Rooms Exhibition 
in Soho, London October 25th-29th


 Work in progress... 

 Stinger .... sold

Mary Maybe


Listed on Etsy and Instagram


Natural wood around a mannequin 
with an antique dolls head.
Currently in my Etsy shop: jennieshox

currently on show at the Lilford Gallery in Canterbury

This one is called 'A Sting in the Tale'      SOLD

 Just restocked my Etsy shop... some sale prices on offer too

Shop Link in bio

Softly Susan, part of a triptych in the All Kinds of Naughty touring exhibition
currently showing in London.....  Now SOLD

Nellie Never, part of a triptych in the All Kinds of Naughty 
touring exhibition, currently showing in London




SWEETHEART 20x13x10 cms.


Sharp Objects #8  17.5x12.5x6 cms

'Who's There'    Now SOLD 

 'The Golden Tree'  

A golden tree is growing in this forgotten room.  Now sold.

 For sale in my Etsy shop [link in bio] at half original price, space is needed in the studio so must go!

'A Can of Worms' Antique case, antique porcelain figure, with silks and a can of worms! Now sold.

 Twist in the Tale.    just completed, with glass front SOLD

Golden Arrow... just listed in my Etsy shop, see link in bio.
20x13x9 cms with museum glass front.

Two new abandoned room boxes just listed in my Etsy shop.
Sharp Objects #7 Sold

See my Etsy shop  - Jennieshox  or on Instagram. now SOLD


'Wings' - Clay, papier mache, wood, antique print.


 Need to make some space in the studio so listing this piece in my Etsy shop at a very special sale price.
Called 'Vade in Pace'   -  Antique wooden Gothic style cabinet, antique doll head, clay, cloth, print, velvet and silk. Now SOLD 

 Just finished today, I may call this 'Hold Fire'

Working on a series of Alternative Marys and Joans.

Here is 'Mary Mary Quite Contrary'

Inside an antique oak case with

glazed door. 

 Having an update today and showing some of the work I've been making during 2020... a trying year for everyone.... to say the least.

This is 'Wings'        Clay, papier mache, wood, vintage print.

Contemplation of the Self.    
Antique bisque doll bust with glass eyes,
papier mache & clay, antique print

These two are from the series
In The Woods.

 Strike A Light... new work just finished.  

Little box just listed on Etsy... Jennieshox. Number 4 in the Woods series.  A tiny antique doll peeps out from behind the trees.

'The Specimen' ....Finished it!!   Under construction and work in progress shots for this piece on the 'More Pictures' page.

Working on a new piece, more pictures will follow. Really like making little dead birds!!
 Two of the larger, room boxes listed on Etsy, link shown in bio, both at a special price for a short while.

In The Woods.        A little box just listed in my Etsy shop 'Jennieshox'
                                     an antique doll peeps out from behind the trees.... Now Sold

Re-stocked my Etsy shop with lots of smaller boxes...abandoned rooms, saints and martyrs...

Abandoned #8

Black Heart..... was to have been shown in one of three shows planned for this year, sadly no longer possible.  Hopes it makes it out into the world next year.

Now You See Me.  

Another little box in the abandoned series. This is #9

Just finished..'ISOLATION'   a response to our current situation, which fits into my lost and abandoned room series which I'm into at the moment.
I like making the peeling walls and paintwork!